Get Involved: Enriching Your College Experience

Group photo of 2019 ATD Leadership Board Duquesne University School of Nursing

By Hadley Mueller, student

Getting involved in nursing organizations on campus was one of the best decisions that I have made so far in my college career. During my freshman year, I didn’t join any nursing organizations in the fall, but in the spring, I had the opportunity to join Alpha Tau Delta (ATD). Joining ATD was such a fun experience!

I enjoyed getting to have an initiation ceremony and getting my letters. ATD is a good way to get involved in professional Greek life without all of the time commitments that come with social sororities and fraternities, because let’s face it… nursing students have to spend a lot of time studying. In ATD, I got a big sister, Natalie. She has become the best friend and mentor that I could have ever wished for. Natalie and other members of ATD have helped me to navigate nursing school over the past year. They are the reason I am enjoying nursing school so much.

I loved being a part of ATD so much that I decided to run for a board position in the fall semester of my sophomore year. I served as the secretary for a full calendar year. When I came to college, I never saw myself running for a board position in any organization, but I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone. ATD also offers so many fun social events, study breaks, and service opportunities. There is also a semi-formal dance in the spring. It’s so nice to have an excuse to put away my scrubs and dress up for a

In addition to being a member of ATD, I am involved in the Duquesne Student Nurses Association (DUSNA). I didn’t join DUSNA until the fall of my sophomore year.

One of my friends, Lauren Bliss, asked me if I would join the organization and work on this magazine. I jumped at the chance to be involved in a creative project and it was a wonderful choice. Lauren and I work together to make a new edition of The Scope almost every month. We get to work with the faculty and staff in the nursing department as well as other nursing students to create a well-rounded magazine. Lauren and I love including different perspectives and content in The Scope. Being a co-editor of The Scope, I attend DUSNA board meetings and get to network with some of the Duquesne nursing alumni.

Sometimes opportunities just appear right in front of you, don’t hesitate to take advantage of them!

This article has been reprinted from The Scope, Preview Day 2020 edition.

Hadley Mueller is an undergraduate Nursing student (Class of 2021), co-editor of The Scope and DUSNA Publicity Chair.

Photo credit: lauren e. bliss photography

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