Doubling Down: BME/BSN Program

As baby boomers age, technology advances and the nursing shortage continues, the need for nurses to be able to play an active role in medical device inventions and innovations is at an all-time high. Nurses use a range of medical devices on a daily basis, both simple and complex, in support of diagnosis, treatment andContinue reading “Doubling Down: BME/BSN Program”

Get to Know Nurse Engineer Students Amanda Pellegrino and Garett Craig

Students like Amanda Pellegrino and Garett Craig have a unique approach to improving patient care. They have the clinical experiences and patient interactions to help inform them of current health care challenges. They also have the knowledge and lab experience to do something about the challenges they’ve observed. That’s because they recently completed Duquesne University’sContinue reading “Get to Know Nurse Engineer Students Amanda Pellegrino and Garett Craig”

Students Innovate with Novel Telehealth Device

As telehealth visits become more prevalent, health care providers will need tools and devices to aid in their assessments of patients from afar. This is where the knowledge and experience of nurse engineers like Amanda Pellegrino and Garett Craig can play an innovative role. Amanda and Garett recently completed  their final year of Duquesne University’sContinue reading “Students Innovate with Novel Telehealth Device”

Think Globally

Duquesne Students Take to Costa Rica for a Week of On-The-Ground Lessons The swift and sudden emergence of COVID-19 has changed a lot about these past 15 months, from graduation celebrations to nearly all of fall orientation. But on the edge of the lockdown that would ground planes and grind plans to a halt, oneContinue reading “Think Globally”

Duquesne Nursing Students Help Vaccinate Local Communities

Duquesne University Nursing students are stepping up in local Pittsburgh communities to assist with COVID-19 vaccine administration. Jessica Messenger, a Second Degree BSN student, participated in a vaccination clinic in North Versailles, while seniors Alana Albertson and Katelynn Ziskind assisted at a site in Duquesne University’s neighboring Hill District community. These experiences have dual benefits.Continue reading “Duquesne Nursing Students Help Vaccinate Local Communities”

Q&A: Clinical Assistant Professor Cara Morrill-Stoklosa DNP, RN

Prior to becoming a full-time clinical assistant professor at the Duquesne University School of Nursing, Cara Morrill-Stoklosa DNP, RN, was a clinical instructor. She’s also an active floor nurse, which allows her to keep up with the dynamic world of nursing and prepare her students in real time for what they may experience while onContinue reading “Q&A: Clinical Assistant Professor Cara Morrill-Stoklosa DNP, RN”

Q&A: Thomas Geraghty, A Second Degree BSN Student

Thomas Geraghty is a father, military veteran and a current student in Duquesne University’s Second Degree BSN program. Thomas, an Austinburg, Ohio native, earned his first bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Westminster College. After discovering a passion for medicine while serving in the Navy, he knew he wanted aContinue reading “Q&A: Thomas Geraghty, A Second Degree BSN Student”

Q & A: Remediation Coordinator Sister Mary Meyers, C.S.J., MSN, BA, MS, RN

“I have loved every day I have been a nurse,” says Sister Mary Meyers, C.S.J., MSN, BA, MS, RN, AGNP-C, Remediation Coordinator for the School of Nursing. Sister Mary’s career originally began as a teacher. She then decided to become a nurse, working mostly ICU and hospice. “Now my life has come full circle, asContinue reading “Q & A: Remediation Coordinator Sister Mary Meyers, C.S.J., MSN, BA, MS, RN”

Nursing Students Share Tips for Success

Nursing school can be challenging and demanding, so what can you do to ensure you learn the information and skills needed to earn good grades and become a licensed nurse? Two undergraduate students share what’s helped them be successful. Meet the Students Julia Ciotti, Senior, BSN student As a Pittsburgher, Duquesne feels like my secondContinue reading “Nursing Students Share Tips for Success”