Doubling Down: BME/BSN Program

As baby boomers age, technology advances and the nursing shortage continues, the need for nurses to be able to play an active role in medical device inventions and innovations is at an all-time high. Nurses use a range of medical devices on a daily basis, both simple and complex, in support of diagnosis, treatment andContinue reading “Doubling Down: BME/BSN Program”

Get to Know Nurse Engineer Students Amanda Pellegrino and Garett Craig

Students like Amanda Pellegrino and Garett Craig have a unique approach to improving patient care. They have the clinical experiences and patient interactions to help inform them of current health care challenges. They also have the knowledge and lab experience to do something about the challenges they’ve observed. That’s because they recently completed Duquesne University’sContinue reading “Get to Know Nurse Engineer Students Amanda Pellegrino and Garett Craig”

Students Innovate with Novel Telehealth Device

As telehealth visits become more prevalent, health care providers will need tools and devices to aid in their assessments of patients from afar. This is where the knowledge and experience of nurse engineers like Amanda Pellegrino and Garett Craig can play an innovative role. Amanda and Garett recently completed  their final year of Duquesne University’sContinue reading “Students Innovate with Novel Telehealth Device”