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Dillon, D. (2021). Successful transition to practice: A guide for the new nurse practitioner. McGraw Hill.

This new book is intended to help individuals transition from the role of a student into the role of an employed nurse practitioner.

Potvin, N., Hicks, M., & Kronk, R. Music therapy and nursing cotreatment in integrative hospice and palliative care. Epub ahead of print 24 Feb. 2021, Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing.

This article introduces processes of referral, assessment, and treatment that nurses and music therapists may engage in to address family support, spirituality, bereavement, and telehealth, including clinical vignettes.

Spigelmyer, P. C., Hupcey, J., & Kitko, L. (2021). A Concept Analysis of Resistiveness to Care. Clinical nursing research30(1), 50–58.

A principle-based concept analysis is presented for resistiveness to care based on 40 relevant articles form the literature.

Steers, M.-L. N., Ward, R. M., Neighbors, C., Tanygin, A. B., Guo, Y., & Teas, E. (2021). Double vision on social media: How self-generated alcohol-related content posts moderate the link between viewing others’ posts and drinking. Journal of Health Communication, 1-7.

Results from this 2-site cross-sectional study suggest that viewing others’ posts appeared to exert an influence on drinking, particularly for students who did not post as many self-generated alcohol-related posts.

Yu, Y., Kalarchian, M. A., Ma, Q., & Groth, S. W. (2021). Eating patterns and unhealthy weight control behaviors are associated with loss-of-control eating following bariatric surgery. Epub ahead of print 21 Jan 2021, Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases.

This secondary data analysis found meal patterns and unhealthy weight control behaviors may be important intervention targets for addressing loss of control over eating after bariatric surgery.