Faculty News – July 2021

headshots of Dr. Jessica Devido, Dr. Denise Lucas and Dr. Kathy Sekula

Achievements and Recognition

Associate Nursing Professor Dr. Jessica Devido is one of just five educators from across the country — and Duquesne’s first nursing faculty member — to be selected as a Macy Faculty Scholar. This prestigious fellowship will facilitate her development as a national leader and education innovator.

Dr. Devido and her fellow Macy Faculty Scholars cohort members were chosen from a national applicant pool of 82 medical and nursing educators. They were selected because of their accomplishments and future promise as educational leaders and innovators.

As a Macy Faculty Scholar, Dr. Devido will develop the Maternal-Child Health (MCH) Fellowship, a program designed for undergraduate pre-licensure nursing students to promote equity, cross-cultural sensitivity and collaboration with community stakeholders.

Dr. Denise Lucas has received the Jenco Award, which recognizes visionary leaders and volunteers who by direct, person-to-person action have worked to increase the dignity and sense of worth of individuals in Appalachian Ohio through creative problem-solving.

Dr. Lucas, the chair of the Duquesne University School of Nursing’s Advanced Practice Programs, has been volunteering at the Ohio Valley Health Center since 2013. She provides care for underserved patients, conduct research on diabetes and high blood pressure, welcome nurse practitioner students, and assert the value of nurse practitioner care.

Dr. Kathleen Sekula is the recipient of the 2021 Ann Burgess Forensic Nursing Research Award from the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) for her contributions to the field of forensic nursing.

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